There are two game modes in Kickbase. The manager mode and the challenge mode.

If you have friends with whom you want to play together for a whole season, the Manager mode is the perfect way to start.

If you just want to try Kickbase or play against the whole Kickbase community, the Challenge mode is the best choice!

You don't have to commit to one mode, you can also start multiple leagues with different modes! For example, how about Manager Mode among your friends and Challenge Mode alone against the Kickbase world?!

Manager Mode and the Flying Start:

At the beginning of your Kickbase career, you will be assigned a team that will allow you to make your first lineup. You also get a budget that you can invest on the transfer market.


Manager mode with the Moneten mode:

At the beginning of your Kickbase career you get a bit more budget, but you also start with 0 players. The transfer market will be glowing!


Challenge mode:

You can easily field any Bundesliga player at any time without having to buy him.