As long as the admin does not reset the league, everything remains as it is. When players leave the Bundesliga, the market value freezes and you can sell the player to the transfer market as usual at any time.
If you don't want to start the new season seamlessly, the admin can decide for one of the two reset options after consulting the league:

1. new teams are drawn in the value of 150Mio. / 1st Bundesliga and 75Mio. / 2nd Bundesliga and there is a starting credit of 50Mio. / 1st Bundesliga and 25Mio. / 2nd Bundeliga.

2. all teams are deleted and every manager starts with 200Mio. / 1st Bundesliga and 100Mio. / 2nd Bundesliga.

For the first two options please reset the league. Otherwise just keep the league running. Resetting the league cannot be undone!

Because often asked: The daily bonus remains and will not be reset!

This is valid as of today, subject to changes and new season transitions.